From student photographer Max Patten. Instagram: @iMaxPatten

Pictured in edgy black & white.

Being a student is tough: money is tight, you want to look good, but your phone’s selfie camera just doesn’t capture you and your friends the way you deserve to be seen.

I’m a student at UVA offering high-quality photos at affordable rates for fellow Hoos and anyone else in the Charlottesville area. I’ve been featured on UVA’s official Instagram (big time, am I right?! Mom?) and one of my photos is currently on display at 1515 on the Corner. I’m also a regular staff photographer for The Cavalier Daily.

I take your picture, retouch and edit to get everything extra fine, and deliver you a top-notch finished product digitally and (optionally) with professional prints at various sizes. You can even go for the artsy black & white look if you want, but unlike those hipsters on IG (you know who I’m talking about) I’m not allergic to color.

A properly done photo can make all the difference, whether you want a quality LinkedIn picture, a nice profile for IG, or a cute couple photo. All for a price that’s compatible with the Cup Noodles lifestyle. Contact me by email, Instagram DMs, or Reddit below.